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Important Tips

1- Booking bookings

For everyone who thinks that booking reservations are available, which is the cheapest and the best thing, please read the following:

Booking takes a high rate when booking rooms in hotels if they are 3, 4 or 5 stars, unlike tourism companies because they contract with hotels and take special discounted prices from hotels
To deal with the hotel and send clients to the hotel constantly
For example, if the hotel price on Booking is $100 per room, tourism companies can complete the room reservation at a lower price and ensure the quality and cleanliness of the room with distinctive views if available.
And the company guarantees you a reservation and a hotel room opposite the booking
Sometimes reservations are made via booking and upon arrival at the hotel, customers do not find an available room
Or they find bigger rooms at a higher price than the price that was booked
2- The second thing when requesting a 4-star hotel reservation from booking, customers are shown pictures of clean rooms and pictures of the hotel from the inside and sometimes from the outside
But the location of the hotel and the neighborhood in which it is located may be a popular neighborhood that is inconsistent with customers if they are families or grooms
But companies always provide hotels that have experience with old customers and always take customers’ opinion constantly in hotels or hotel apartments
All tourism companies are contracting with some of the hotels that they deal with…

Private driver or tour guide

Georgia tourism companies always warn of drivers or guides who work without a work permit or without a real company registered under the regulation of the Georgian government

To avoid fraud and fraud, book a driver or guide through a tourist company that is registered and guarantees your right with a receipt for payments
Because when dealing with an unknown driver, you do not guarantee any payments, and when any problem occurs, it is difficult to prove the payments and guarantee your right as a customer

The company also guarantees you to make a special tourist program schedule that includes several cities and several regions, opposite to booking with a driver directly
The driver aims to waste time by not going to many cities and all areas (to save gasoline)
But the company guarantees that you will visit the largest available number of cities and tourist places during your stay in the country, and the company’s work team always communicates with drivers to ensure respect and full commitment with customers

These tips to prevent fraud in the state of Georgia because many are working to distort organized tourism in the country…


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