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Kakheti is a Georgia’s premier Viticulture region with diverse nature of mountains, plains and valleys. The average temperature in winter is + 1.4 °, and in summer + 23 … + 25 °.

The 80 varieties of grape are grown there and the famous wineries always are open for tourists.Kakheti is known for its hospitality. The local wine cellars and Kakhetian families offer wines and traditional dishes to tourists willingly. The traditional sweets “Churchkhela” surely is served too.

This region is distinguished by its cultural monuments: fortresses, churches and monasteries, royal palaces. The ancient cities – Telavi and Sighnaghi attract lots of visitors with their beautiful views and architecture.

Kakheti is also known for the healing mineral waters and mud. Ujarma, Akhtala and Kvareli resorts are suitable for bone and joint, peripheral nervous system and gynecological diseases.

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